January 16, 2012

Hidden Wires...

I am so sick of seeing the wires hanging from our television in the living room. So, I searched on Amazon to see what options there were for cord storage. I found the BlueLounge CableBox Mini. It comes in a lot of colors, but I chose white, because I figured I could spray paint it later if I wanted to. On Amazon, it was only $25.00.
The Mini comes with a small surge protector.

First, here is what it looked like when we got started.

I took the BlueLounge out of the box. I used these strips to hold the surge protector in place, inside the box. I then used more of the strips to hold the box on the wall. This allows me to easily sweep by the television, without having to lift something up.

I used a wire cover to hide the cord coming from the box.

This is how it looks now.. I love it...


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