January 31, 2012

Where do you store your cleaners?

I have, for many years, stored all of my cleaning products under the sink. In the past few months, this cabinet turned from disorganized to a mess.

First, lay everything out that you had in the cabinet.

I used two white bins I had in the laundry room, that were empty, in this project. One is used to store my cleaning rags, kitchen towels, and holiday kitchen towels. The other white bin, is used to store my cleaning products. Cleaning products that I don't use all of the time are stored in the laundry room.

I also store my garbage bags in a small basket I found at the Dollar Store.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE DOLLAR STORE LATELY? It has everything. Since I am trying to use what I have, or spend next to nothing, the Dollar Store has saved me.
I used command hooks to hang my duster and gloves.

Total Cost- $4.07 for the basket for the garbage bags and command hooks.
Make sure to use a cabinet lock if you have little ones like I do!

Where do you store your cleaners? How do you organize this cabinet?


January 30, 2012

Happy 34th Birthday to Me!

We celebrated my birthday last weekend... can't believe I am 34.

My wonderful family bought me the iPad 2, I love it!

With all of the gift cards and reward certificates I had from Pottery Barn, I was able to purchase this cubby for only $60.00. Can't wait to fill it out. My wonderful husband hung it over the desk-console area.

It is a pretty heavy piece.

I am moving the frames to the entry way. I can't wait to paint that area and make it what I want it to be.


Cleaned Up Coat Closet

I have found that the coat closet has become the dumping ground for everything. I really wanted to get it organized, because I was sick of seeing everything, everywhere.

First, I cleaned out the closet. That way you can see what you have and what you can throw away. These are the before pictures:

Second, I shopped my house. I have been trying to use what I have and it has been working out.
I had the white wire baskets already hanging on the side. I used them to hold batteries and light bulbs, but found later that it wasn't working out. I am now using them for umbrellas and mail that I still need to go through.

I had the blue bins that were used to store toys in the patio. They used to hold blocks and miscellaneous toys. I have since reorganized that as well. The bins now hold the batteries and light bulbs for the house. The other blue bin holds holiday flags for the flag pole outside.
The third bin holds the DVDs, although I have seen really nice media baskets before.

On the top I put all of the lunch boxes.

There you have it... ONE ORGANIZED CLOSET.

Not too many more to go............. can't wait till the house is organized. It makes me more efficient. I can get so much more done when everything has a place.

Total Cost- $0.00Enjoy!

January 26, 2012

Home With a Sick Baby!

Today I took the afternoon off, because Emma was sent home from daycare yesterday. I am just enjoying this time..... (Yes, she always sleeps like that!)

Clean Up the Mess!

Every time I sweep,  I run into these wires dangling from the console-desk area. It is driving me nuts since I have to sweep almost everyday!

I came up with a solution rather quickly. I used the same product that I used on the Bluelounge box. I put it on the back of he surge protector, on the bottom of the desk. I wrapped each cord separately, and twisted a tie on each.I wrapped the surge protector round the leg of the desk and plugged it in.

TA-DA..... No more running over the wires when I sweep, which with a Golden Retriever you have to sweep pretty often!

January 25, 2012

Burlap and Felt Valentine's Day Runner

Burlap-Felt Heart table Runner

First, you need to gather all of your supplies.

  • Felt- I picked up the $0.39 cent pieces they sell at Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • Burlap- 1 1/2 yards
  • Scissors
  • Something to trace- heart templates, heart cookie cutter, or you can free hand the hearts
  • Marker or pen to trace the hearts on to the felt
  • Hot glue gun
 Cut all of the hearts out.. this may take a while

Attach and trim your burlap to make a runner down the table. You might have to hot glue or sew to make a long enough piece for the runner.

Arrange the hearts onto the burlap

Hot glue the pattern of hearts down to the burlap. Make sure you put something under the burlap so you don't glue the table!


January 24, 2012

1,2,3.... Hanging Pails in the Closet!

I thought my daughter's closet still looked empty even after we put the toys back inside the closet.

I knew I wanted to hang something else on the wall, but not another shelf, because I still needed to fit the toys on the bottom of the closet. When I saw robe hooks at Target for $3.00 for two of them and thought that would look cute with pails hanging from them.
I found the pails and letters at Jo-Ann Fabrics for $4.00 each. 

I attached the numbers with Mod Podge over the pails to make sure they didn't fall off.

I convinced my husband to install the hooks in the closet. It only took three minutes! I really like how it turned out. Now, off to start my older daugher's closet.

I think you could also put pictures of the toys which are inside for your child to know what goes inside. Also, you could use this idea in a nursery.


January 23, 2012

Wrapped Closet!

About once a year I reorganize every closet in the house. I already finished the hallway towel-bathroom closet. Now, it was time to start on the girls' closets.
Here is what we started with... a mess! The boxes and bags on the bottom are clothes that are too big for Emma now.

I knew I wanted to store Emma's toys in her closet so we can shut the doors, and her small room would look tidy again.

I bought two rolls of wrapping paper on Amazon.com a few weeks ago.

First, I unscrewed some old screws that were holding an old shelf in the closet. I then, patched the holes and touched up the paint where it needed.

To place the wrapping paper on the wall:

You unroll the wrapping paper and use the mounting strips to adhere the wrapping paper to the wall. I attached the strips to the wall first then pressed the paper to the strip. Just slice the wrapping paper with scissors, knife, or an exacto knife at the bottom.

This way if you get sick of the wrapping paper, you can easily take it down.

I just organized what still needed to be in the closet: clothes, blankets, her diaper bag, shoes, etc... and hung key tags off of the shelf so you can tell what is in each basket.

When I have more time, I would like to make more key tags to separate the clothes according to size. You could hang the tags off of the shelf.


January 22, 2012

Friday Night Out!

We went to see Elmo's Super Heroes last Friday. The girls had a great time. It was a lot of fun!
(Addyson 39 months)
(Emma 14 months)


January 20, 2012

What??? You Spray Painted Sticks!

YES I DID and I am here to admit it.
I was looking for something of height for the shelves in the living room. I thought about flowers, branches, OR something I already had- STICKS. I didn't have to look far- these were in the enclosed patio.

I spray painted them white. I placed them in the white vases I already had.

I also created a "BE MY VALENTINE" banner made of paper, scrapbook letters, and yarn.

Everything I else I already had. 


One Organized Closet

I organized the towels into four sections, and used a metal white divider, in which I screwed onto the wood shelf.

I divided the hair things into two baskets that I picked up at the Dollar Store.

I organized all of the products that we need: deodorant, hair spray, curling iron, etc... into six baskets that have handles. I labeled them one through six. I got these baskets from the Container Store a while ago.

Finally, I used two big baskets to hold diapers, wipes, and paper products. Since our house is pretty small, we have to use all of the closet space.
Remember before...

And Now...

Now my husband knows where to put the towels away when he does the laundry!
We put the doors back on and here you have it...