March 8, 2012

Thirty-One Party- Large Utility Tote

A few weeks ago, I had a Thirty-One Gifts party at my house and it was a blast! I have never been to one before. If you have never been to one you should go. It is the ultimate organization company. Almost everything can be personalized. For having the party I earned this:
Some of the bags are luggage and work, but most of them are to organize all the stuff in my house. I am trying to make everything have a home, so nothing looks cluttered.
The first thing I got to use was a large utility tote. You can use this for multiple things like: going to the beach, in the back of your car, when you go to warehouse stores like SAMS or Costco, or stores like Aldi's that don't give you a bag. The uses of this are endless.

 I used the first one I received to store both of my daughter's memorabilia stuff. Such as: professional pictures that don't hang in frames no longer, both of their baby books, both of their Disney Autograph books from DisneyWorld, outfits they wore going home from the hospital, both of their time capsules from their first birthday, and a few other things. See how it fits so nicely in the tote?
Then, I just put the tote in the top of my closet so I can easily pull it down if I need something and put it back up again.

Next I am going to tackle this- organizing all of my craft and scrapbook stuff:
You can see I already started organizing some stuff into those black and white bins. I can't wait to create my craft area on the enclosed sunroom. Stay tuned...

Have you ever been to a Thirty-One party? Tell all...

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