April 30, 2012

Lola Got a Haircut!

Guess what we spent $80 on???????????????
Doesn't Lola look pretty? I never realized how expensive it is to get the dog's haircut.

Bench Out = More Formal Room

I moved the bench from the dining room table for two reasons.
#1- Emma fell off of it twice
#2- I wanted to create more of a formal dining room

You can see in this picture of when the bench used to be at the table.
I moved it over under the shelves. I think it looks so much better, and if we have guests over, I can easily slide the bench back over to the table.
Picture of the Four Chairs Around the Table for a More Formal Area

What do you think? Do you like the bench better at the table or under the shelves?

April 15, 2012

A Star Light for Our Soon-To-Be Craft Area

We got a lot done this weekend, including installing our new light for the craft area.
I ordered this one from Amazon.com. It was from their outdoor collection and was about $80. I originally purchased it for the hallway, but decided to go with something else for there.

You just had to screw it to the ceiling using the hardware they sent with it. You can also have it hardwired it if you choose, but we kept it with the plug since we have a plug in our ceiling.

Here it is!

With it plugged in!

Now off to find some shelves for this area, and think about what we can use as a desk-project table. Do you have a designated area that the kids can ruin? Somewhere they can paint, draw, color and an area where you can hot glue and craft?

March 26, 2012

Spring Wreath and Decor...

I decided to make another yarn wreath for the spring time. I used the same technique as the Valentine's Day Wreath. I wanted to try a "grassy" green one but found great green yarn on clearance at Jo-Ann Fabrics and went with the cheap stuff!
Materials you need to create your own yarn wreath:
     *Wreath (any kind,I used the straw one in this project)
     *Hot glue gun
     *Felt in a variety of colors
I wrapped the yarn around the straw wreath (keep the plastic on the wreath makes it easier to wrap the yarn around) and tied off the end. (Not sure why I had the Peacock feather laying there!)

I created a variety of flowers out of felt, using the same technique as I did for the Valentine's Day wreath, and hot glued them on.

I hung the wreath above the shelves and added some greens in tin cans that I bought at Ikea, birds that I used on the Valentine's Day Shelves, Spring banner from Target, Page out of a magazine and placed it in a yellow frame that I already had, and added some old bunnies that I had on hand.

This weather has been gorgeous here... makes it feel like summer instead of spring.


March 22, 2012

Brushing Our Teeth!

Good Hygiene.

Don't look at the garbage can overflowing in the background- this is real life. Isn't Emma getting big? Makes me sad to think she is now a toddler, and not a baby!

The Stripes are Now Completed!!!!

I can't say that this was the worst project that I ever took on, but I can say I didn't enjoy it one bit. I was so sick of measuring, taping, and using the level by the end.
I used the same procedure as I did for the first half of the hallway.
I do have a small section to do, but I am sure I'll put it off, so I didn't want you to have to wait to see how the hallway looks today!

All Taped Up!

With one coat of paint:

Isn't it glorious? I am happy with the results after all of that work. Sorry, it took me so long to finish. I am planning on doing a gallery wall on the left side of the hallway.

What project did you finish lately?


March 19, 2012

Fabric Covered Letters

I had a ton of the yellow chevron fabric left from the frame project I created a few weeks ago. I think I may use some to create some flowers for my spring wreath I have been working on, but I also knew I wanted to create something else for the shelf ledge in the dining room.


I picked up three letters that spell out the word EAT from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I cut the fabric around each letter and used spray adhesive to attach the front of the letter to each piece of fabric.

I hot glued the other pieces to cover the side and back of each letter.

The letters are just leaning on the ledge.
I have been working on a ton of different projects over the weekend. I got to finish the stripes in the hallway, worked on decorating my spring shelves in the living room, a new spring wreath, and got out our Easter decor. My oldest one still thinks she is getting a new swing set from the Easter Bunny.
What did you get done this weekend?
Isn't the weather awesome? It is going to be so nice to be off two days this week.

March 18, 2012

Updated House Tour

Updated the house tour... take a peak of the most recent photos of our home.

March 13, 2012

Downstairs Bathroom Progress...

We have been working on the downstairs bathroom for a while now. Lets take a look back at what it used to look like:
 This is the old vanity and toilet. We ripped off the countertop and threw it away. We also threw the old toilet away.

 Old light and wallpaper.... really makes you feel ill how ugly it is. Note- not really sure why the toilet brush is laying on top of the toilet????

We refinished the cabinet and installed a new toilet into the space. I just sanded the cabinet down and then applied three coats of Zinsser primer- Perma-White Mold and Mildew proof. I coated the cabinet with three coats of white bath paint off the shelf color from Home Depot. I don't remember the name of the paint and already threw the can away.
The hardware is brushed nickel- Martha Stewart brand.

You can see the swatches  on the top of what countertop color we are thinking of purchasing.
We also added a towel holder we already owned to the wall.

We are keeping the existing shower- just going to replace the shower head.

Still have to:
     *Find a bathroom rug I like
     *Window Treatment
     *Trim under the vanity
     *New countertop, sink, and faucet
     *New vent cover for the ceiling vent cover
     *Trim down bathroom door and rehang
     *Trim in between the carpet and ceramic tile
     *Trim around the mirror

Guess everything takes time. Speaking of time, I don't know how much more time I can work on these stripes. Hopefully, the stripe walls will be done by Friday.

(You can't really tell by the pictures, but we also laid new ceramic flooring. We had to ripe out the old stuff which took forever.)

March 12, 2012

Chalkboard Vase

I wanted to spruce up an existing vase that I already had. I had some chalkboard paint laying around and figured on using what I had on hand already.

First, I washed the vase and taped off the edges (using a level to make sure the tape was even) to make a nice square on the glass front.
I used a paintbrush I already had on hand and painted the inside of the square. I think spray paint would have worked better, but I didn't have any.
Applied three light coats, allowing drying time in between.
Here is the finished project with a few tulips inside. I love the smell of flowers, they are cheap, and are a natural way to make your house smell so good!

Now tell me again, how do you keep Tulips alive? I have a lot of little projects to show you as I continue to work on the striped walls. Ran out of painter's tape again!
What did you do this weekend?