March 6, 2012

Chevron Covered Photo Mat

I really liked the picture frames in the dining room, but they needed some sprucing up. I ordered this yellow chevron fabric from a while ago for pillows, and thought it would look nice in these frames.

(I think black and white photos will look better in the frame, so I just ordered some.)
The materials you will need are:
     *Spray Adhesive
     *Hot Glue and Glue Sticks
     *Ruler or Tape Measure
     *Frame with a Mat

First, spray paint the picture frame with four light coats of white paint
Take apart the picture frame and take out the mat
Measure the picture frame and then cut the material that size, leaving enough fabric to wrap around the mat.

Wrap the fabric along the mat and use spray adhesive to get the fabric to stick to the front of the mat.

Use hot glue to secure the fabric to the back of the mat.
Finally, put the frame back together and hang back on the wall.

Cover any photo mats lately? Take any pictures of your kids? Time to hang a new one on the wall!

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