January 31, 2012

Where do you store your cleaners?

I have, for many years, stored all of my cleaning products under the sink. In the past few months, this cabinet turned from disorganized to a mess.

First, lay everything out that you had in the cabinet.

I used two white bins I had in the laundry room, that were empty, in this project. One is used to store my cleaning rags, kitchen towels, and holiday kitchen towels. The other white bin, is used to store my cleaning products. Cleaning products that I don't use all of the time are stored in the laundry room.

I also store my garbage bags in a small basket I found at the Dollar Store.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE DOLLAR STORE LATELY? It has everything. Since I am trying to use what I have, or spend next to nothing, the Dollar Store has saved me.
I used command hooks to hang my duster and gloves.

Total Cost- $4.07 for the basket for the garbage bags and command hooks.
Make sure to use a cabinet lock if you have little ones like I do!

Where do you store your cleaners? How do you organize this cabinet?


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