January 23, 2012

Wrapped Closet!

About once a year I reorganize every closet in the house. I already finished the hallway towel-bathroom closet. Now, it was time to start on the girls' closets.
Here is what we started with... a mess! The boxes and bags on the bottom are clothes that are too big for Emma now.

I knew I wanted to store Emma's toys in her closet so we can shut the doors, and her small room would look tidy again.

I bought two rolls of wrapping paper on Amazon.com a few weeks ago.

First, I unscrewed some old screws that were holding an old shelf in the closet. I then, patched the holes and touched up the paint where it needed.

To place the wrapping paper on the wall:

You unroll the wrapping paper and use the mounting strips to adhere the wrapping paper to the wall. I attached the strips to the wall first then pressed the paper to the strip. Just slice the wrapping paper with scissors, knife, or an exacto knife at the bottom.

This way if you get sick of the wrapping paper, you can easily take it down.

I just organized what still needed to be in the closet: clothes, blankets, her diaper bag, shoes, etc... and hung key tags off of the shelf so you can tell what is in each basket.

When I have more time, I would like to make more key tags to separate the clothes according to size. You could hang the tags off of the shelf.


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