March 5, 2012

Stripes have Appeared!

Finally, we have stripes on the hallway walls. I only got two walls completed, because I wanted to make sure it looked good before I painted them all. I am not going to lie, this was very time consuming! I will get into how to make stripes on the walls in a second, but for now here they are- ta-da!

To make stripes on the walls, you have to first determine how many stripes you want and if you want an odd number or even number of stripes.
I measured from the floor to the ceiling and divided that number by the number of stripes I wanted. It came to be a little over 7 inches.
I rounded down to 7 inches and left the remaining measurement for the bottom stripe. You can't tell that one is bigger.
So I measured 7 inches down from the ceiling and made an X with my pen:
Then, I set up the laser level. I am in love with the level- it is awesome! Why didn't I purchase one before? I placed the level on the X that was marked on that wall:
I then remeasured with my tape measure to make sure the red laser line was 7 inches down. I then placed a piece of painter's tape on the line and then remeasure again to make sure it was 7 inches. I kept doing this unto the wall was completed. I then moved to the second wall and followed these steps again.
I placed a piece of tape on the stripe I wanted painted so I didn't forget which stripe was to be white.
I painted two coats of off the shelf white from Behr in Eggshell. I allowed 24 hours before applying the second coat. I did not have any problems when I riped the tape off of paint bleeding under the tape.

See all of the tape that I used.... A LOT...................... 
It was finally completed after six hours of working off and on.
I only have three more walls to complete, hopefully, I can get them done this week after work!

What did you get done this weekend? Did you organize a drawer or closet? Did you paint an end table? Doesn't it feel so good to get projects completed?

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