February 14, 2012

Dining Room Painting Job Take 1.

In my quest to paint every wall in my house a color other than tan, the dining was a great place to start.

I took everything down off of the walls and taped off the ceiling, window, doors, and baseboards. I like to use Frog Tape. (Don't you hate my countertops in the kitchen? That is on my to-do list)

After a lot of research I thought of staying in the "warm" family of colors and going with a yellow. I liked how the color Sherwin Williams Morning Sun looked in this room.

When I put it on the wall, I hated it! It looked really nice in her room, but it was to light in my house. I have dark furniture, dark walnut floors, so the yellow didn't do much for me. (No pictures of just the Morning Sun Paint- was too disgusted!)
Then I went to Home Depot and tried a sample of a darker yellow paint- see below. I didn't really like that either.

I am now thinking I want something in the "cool" family to off set all of the dark in the room. I want the room to be more open and feel bigger.

Off to find a new color.... any suggestions?

Did you ever paint a room and hate it? Do you buy those tester paints they sell now?

Wish me luck on finding a new color.

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