February 13, 2012

Hallway ReDONE!

I want to paint everything in my house a color other than TAN.. I am going to conquer the walls-one wall at a time.

I really wanted the hallway wall to stand out. I like the idea of black and gold together- maybe because I live in Steeler country.

This is the hallway before-

NOW IMAGINE THE tan IS GONE! I painted the wall with chalkboard paint that I had left over from the stool I painted. This is with only one coat of paint-

And with the second coat- dried

I sprayed a piece of hardware gold that I had left over from the downstairs bathroom remodel-WHICH IS NOT DONE- I thought it could be used to hold the chalk.

Now.... off to find a new lighting fixture and paint the other walls.
The lighting fixture we have now.

Do you like chalkboard paint? Have you ever used it in your house? Is this the teacher in me?