February 23, 2012

Fill Your Vases...

After I took down all of my Valentine decorations, I was left with empty apothecary jars.

I found two vase fillers at Target to help fill the space. One was lemons and the other was wine corks. I am still thinking of what to put in the other one. I have seen pictures of tulip bulbs planted before and loved the way it looked. All you have to do is put rocks in the bottom of the jar and place the bulb standing up. Lastly, you just add a little water, but not too much that it covers the bulb. I may try that over the weekend.

(sorry for the lock- we have to lock our children out of the buffet or they throw our glass vases!)

Use vase fillers for anything lately? I just finished my order from my thirty-one party. I can't wait to show you what I got.

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