February 7, 2012

Food is Supposed to be Stored in the Kitchen!

Having a little house you tend to store everything, everywhere.... Any time I had a surplus of food, I would steal the bottom of the coat closet to store any extra food.

I realized that if I would just reorganize the kitchen cabinets; I probably could find room to store the food.

First, cleaned everything out of every cabinet. This is the before picture:

Second, I decided what I wanted in each cabinet.

In the first cabinet, I put all of the spices, boxed items, and canned goods.

In another cabinet, I put the kids' snacks, applesauce, fruit, and cookies.

The other cabinets are organized as below:
Plates, salad plates, and bowls

Cups- all cups, bottles, kids' cups

Baking Cabinet- everything I use to mix and bake

Small Appliances- crock pots, toaster
Pots and Pan Cabinet- to store the obvious
Entertaining cabinet- to store all of my serving platters, bowls, pitchers, sugar bowl, creamer, things that I don't use everyday.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. nice organized kitchen. It makes it so much easier to cook and bake. Now, if only I enjoyed cooking...

How organized is your house? Your kitchen? Any tips???????


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