February 6, 2012

The Old Box Made New Again!

I have had this piece of furniture for a long time. I needed a piece for the hallway to set my keys down when I am carrying in the two babies. Since I am trying to use what I have, and not buy anything new, I figured this would work. It used to be in the hallway and upstairs.

#1- Remove all of the hardware and place in a bag so you don't lose any of it.

#2- Lightly sand over the entire piece.

#3- Wipe clean

#4- Paint 2-3 Light Coats of Primer- allow for drying time between coats

#5- Paint over the entire surface with the White Semi-Gloss RustOleum Paint. I put two-three light coats, sanding in-between each coat.

#6- Paint the other color inside the piece- taping off the corners so the blue doesn't get on the white.

#7- Tape off where you want the strips to appear. I used a piece of the 1" tape in-between my stripes to make sure I had even 1" stripes.

#8- Roll the white paint to seal the tape- so if any of the paint gets under the tape, it would be okay, since that is your base color.

#9- Paint the other color. In my case, it was the blue.

#10- Use a polyurethane to protect your piece of furniture. I used the spray on kind.


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Liz said...

Love It!