February 10, 2012

This Old Stool

I needed a stool for my daughter (who happens to be completely potty trained now. I can't tell you how exciting this in our house.) to stand on to wash her hands and brush her teeth. My sister gave me this old stool that she had from her daughters when they were young.

It was cute but beat up.

I had some left over chalkboard paint from my hallway project. (Hallway project is not quite finished so you haven't seen it yet.)

I lightly sanded the stool and then coated it with two coats of primer and paint. I attached a piece of chalk with a piece of string. On the can of paint it says to coat the object with the side of chalk and erase- sot hat is why it looks dusty.

Here it is all finished....

It will reside in our bathroom.

Have a great weekend.... I'll be painting my dining room, what are you up to?

Here is a picture of Emma Grace just because she was my helper. She recently could take off her own coat and shoes and put throw them in her room.


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