April 15, 2012

A Star Light for Our Soon-To-Be Craft Area

We got a lot done this weekend, including installing our new light for the craft area.
I ordered this one from Amazon.com. It was from their outdoor collection and was about $80. I originally purchased it for the hallway, but decided to go with something else for there.

You just had to screw it to the ceiling using the hardware they sent with it. You can also have it hardwired it if you choose, but we kept it with the plug since we have a plug in our ceiling.

Here it is!

With it plugged in!

Now off to find some shelves for this area, and think about what we can use as a desk-project table. Do you have a designated area that the kids can ruin? Somewhere they can paint, draw, color and an area where you can hot glue and craft?

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