March 26, 2012

Spring Wreath and Decor...

I decided to make another yarn wreath for the spring time. I used the same technique as the Valentine's Day Wreath. I wanted to try a "grassy" green one but found great green yarn on clearance at Jo-Ann Fabrics and went with the cheap stuff!
Materials you need to create your own yarn wreath:
     *Wreath (any kind,I used the straw one in this project)
     *Hot glue gun
     *Felt in a variety of colors
I wrapped the yarn around the straw wreath (keep the plastic on the wreath makes it easier to wrap the yarn around) and tied off the end. (Not sure why I had the Peacock feather laying there!)

I created a variety of flowers out of felt, using the same technique as I did for the Valentine's Day wreath, and hot glued them on.

I hung the wreath above the shelves and added some greens in tin cans that I bought at Ikea, birds that I used on the Valentine's Day Shelves, Spring banner from Target, Page out of a magazine and placed it in a yellow frame that I already had, and added some old bunnies that I had on hand.

This weather has been gorgeous here... makes it feel like summer instead of spring.


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